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E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers for BMW and Harley-Davidson

Peter Dempsey

E-Z Touring was started in 1982 by my father, Jack Dempsey. He loved motorcycle touring, and he had an idea that a small, lightweight cover would be a great advantage — but he couldn’t find one.

So he worked for weeks in his garage and he designed a cover. When he rode and used his cover, people would ask where he got it and where they could get one. He started making them for his friends and eventually a good idea became a company.

My father passed away in 1990 doing what he loved. I know that he affected many lives in the motorcycle touring community and we always love to hear stories of Jack Dempsey when he was on the road.

I took over the company in 1993 and moved it to Bend, Oregon, where I continued to follow his passion for motorcycling as a race official at professional bicycling events and an avid touring enthusiast. By logging thousands of miles each year on my motorcycle, I was able to constantly test and improve our products.

Ready for a change, I returned to school, earned my master’s degree in teaching, and I’m now a full-time high school teacher. But I will continue to ride every chance I get!

Ride safely,

Peter Dempsey

New Owners, Same Great E-Z Touring Covers :

Betty and Jody at E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers for BMW and Harley-Davidson

Betty and Jody at E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers

On Jan. 1, 2007 E-Z Touring transitioned into the capable hands of Betty and Jody, the gals that have been making the covers for the last 15 years. The only change in the covers is the address on the label. They will still be the same high quality that you have come to expect and appreciate. We personally stand behind each and every cover we make. We are looking forward to meeting you at rallies next year. Call with your order please – 800-443-1443 or 541-325-2231

E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers Jerry Cook

E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers – Jerry Cook

Ride safely,
Betty Cook,
Jody Stewart,
Jerry Cook

Contact E-Z Touring: 800-443-1443 or 541-325-2231