The Covers

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers from EZ Touring Motorcycle Covers for BMW and Harley-Davidson
Hit the road with everything you’ve got :

Our covers are made in the United States of 1.9 oz. RIPSTOP nylon. E-Z Touring selected this remarkable fabric for the same reasons it’s used in military and civilian parachutes, parasails and hot air balloons — for its strength, resiliency and high degree of compressibility. To this incomparable cloth, we have added three coatings that make the cover waterproof, ultraviolet proof and fire retardant. E-Z Touring Motorcycle covers are highly resistant to wind, rain and sun, the same elements that destroy your bike’s unprotected paint, chrome and seat.

E-Z Touring Motorcycle Covers Compact

+ 1.9 oz. RIPSTOP nylon
+ triple coated for waterproof, ultraviolet and fire retardant protection
+ high compressibile – packs up small
+ fits virtually every make and model, from sport bikes to full dresser touring bikes
+ proudly made in the United States